What Claudia's clients said about their one to one sessions 

A wonderful experience! ❤️ thanks to the sessions with Claudia, I can finally cut off the baggage that has been bearing on me since I was a child, I can sleep and have no more nightmares at night. Thanks to Claudia I have no more fears and I know and I feel that I can finally create and enter a healthy relationship. Thank You Claudia 💐💐.

Claudia is a truly gifted healer and I am very grateful I had an opportunity to work with her and will definitely have more sessions! She is open and understanding and holds the space for the patient so the healing can actually happen. Thank you for your beautiful heart! Bless you. 🙏💛

My experience with Claudia changed my life. She is very intuitive and the messages she gave me will be with me forever. My journey with her has just started and I feel happy and grateful our paths have crossed and that she is now in my world ❤️

I just wanted to drop you a note about my recent session with Claudia and my experience during that session. I want people out there to know how skilled I found you to be during that hour we spent together. Your gentle and very spiritual energy preceded you into the room and were evident throughout our session. The most moving part of the process for me was your skill at handling emotions and events that surfaced unexpectedly. I was not prepared for that event but you smoothed the way for that process to unfold so beautifully and effortlessly. In the end, the entire session was a positive experience for me and I would urge anyone who is contemplating working with you to just DO IT. I promise, you'll be pleased that you did! Warm Regards, Rowena xoxo

Claudia is a wonderful healer! She is caring, non judgmental and very good in what she does! I’m amazed about my progress so far and would highly recommend her! 🍀 my mum has had a distant session as well and is also blown away! Thank you for all your help 🙏🏼🥰

I had my 3rd session with Claudia and and highly recommend her healing. I came to see her about my anxiety and she guided me to meet my unconsciousness to connected and get deeper in my soul. I didn’t know what to expect but without even saying she saw the name of my eating disorder I named myself. I’m seeing already a progress in such a short time to heal and get closer where I need to be. Thank u so much for guiding me as I wouldn’t be able to

Dearest Claudia, A million thanks for your wonderful guidance in the Hypnosis sessions we have had! It is amazing how we can deprogramme and reprogramme! I am most thankful for your help, kindness and gentleness towards me and my child! We are on our way to success and are experiencing already the signs of healing! God bless you abundantly, above and beyond! I am so grateful and most fortunate to have met you! You are indeed a blessing to everyone around you, Definitely two thumbs up for  Claudia and Soul Mind Connection!

thank you Claudia so much for therapies! they have helped me immensely to my wellness and health. the results were so quick, i couldn't believe it! I haven't experienced such an effective therapy in the past, I tried everything to get better in the past and until these therapies I am enjoying health.  I highly recommend Claudia for be the best hypnotherapist and spiritual guide for me!

Claudia is such an amazing guide ❤️ We are lucky to have her in Sydney. Our unconscious mind can do so much to our body, we can all get rid of unwanted and invite what we want, and evolve as human 🤩 I am a chiropractor and I recommend Claudia to my people all the time 🤗

I had a reprogramming therapy with Claudia for my son’s allergy. He is being anaphylactic to eggs since birth with eczema, asthma, etc. She did the session with me and then with my son, and he is starting to have eggs now after less than a month from the session. I can’t thank Claudia enough for changing my life and my son’s future by releasing this program from me and him. Thanks Claudia

Claudia hold the space, with light and to heal mind and body.  Many thanks!

Love your work Claudia.  Mayan Healing!!!

I have attended the guided workshops of Soul Mind Connection. These workshops have been based around mediation and healing experiences with other like minded people in a relaxed setting. The workshops are very professional and welcoming to all. I learnt a lot about myself and how I can be prepared for whatever the universe may throw my way. I attended with a friend however I would have been comfortable attending on my own. What a great to hone your skills or have a refresher for the soul.

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Claudia through a friend. I have spent years trying to heal emotional wounds and illness and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Claudia has been able to gently guide me through these very painful emotions with care, kindness, understanding and compassion. Not only helping my mind and soul heal... but also my body. Each time I experience any form of physical discomfort... I reach out to Claudia, and she is always available and able to guide me to healing. I have never experienced physical healing through energy therapy, so to say I was astounded is an understatement. Claudia truly is an amazing genuine caring healer and I would recommend her to everyone. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have found this beautiful lady.

Claudia is a great person to guide you to the root cause if your issues. I had really good sessions with her. I am grateful on the achievements that we had in our sessions. I highly recommend her services.

The QHHT session Claudia conducted for me has eased my mind, body and Soul. It has revitalised faith in my hearts truest purpose and opened me up to unlimited ways in which to create this with my life. Thank you Claudia for your loving healing nature and allowing me to finally tell my truth without feeling judged or crazy! May the Light of Love continue to illuminate ALL our hearts path!
Gratefully yours Mea Chatswood

Imagine being faced with the need for your baby girl to have surgery at an early age. Now imagine the relief and joy felt when natural therapies was able to resolve the issue prior to surgery. This was the foundation on which Claudia Orellana from Soul Mind Connection started pursuing her calling as an intuitive healer not only for helping improve her and her families health and lives but also for clients across the northern beaches. Practicing for many years, Claudia helps people with a range of health matters including, anxiety, increased and ongoing stress as well as relieving allergic conditions and eczema. Formerly trained in hypnotherapy, Reiki and reprogramming the mind, Claudia accesses a number of complementary modalities in her practice, all designed to treat each client's needs with care and compassion. Having benefited from a demonstration healing session, I can vouch for Claudia's gift in reaching the source of pain, helping heal emotional wounds and releasing beliefs and strategies which no longer serve.

I have done my third session with Claudia and I have to thank her so much for the help that I’ve received from her technique, she helped me to achieve a clarity in my purpose of life. She has a great method and very effective! I highly recommend her.

Client Testimonial- Healing Hypnosis 

Here is the transcript:

"Hello, I am Tannia Bayas and I wanted to give my testimonial about a session of hypnotherapy that Claudia Orellana has given me. I'm very grateful because when I told her about my rheumatism fever that I have suffered for over 20 years and the pain of my joints, she proposed to me to do a hypnotherapy session with her to find the root cause of where my illness had originated. What's my surprise that in the first session I did with her, my subconscious travelled, I made a trip when I was around twenty years old, where I experienced a traumatic situation in my life, and that's where my pains started. The doctors told me that rheumatic fever is not cured, that only with the medication I could help to control my pain and aches and I needed to take it the rest of my life. But I never imagined that the pains could go away in one hypnosis session. In the session, Claudia was guiding me to the exact moment where it had occurred, and we managed to remove the pain from the joints that suffered for more than 20 years. I wanted to share my testimony that I no longer have pains in my hands, knees, joints, and I just wanted to thank Claudia for guiding me to take out the burden and the pain in my joints that had carried most of my life. I feel fabulous now! I hope you will share this testimony, and I hope that you will also put yourself in Claudia's hands so she may also help you in whatever you need at the level of soul, body, and spirit since she is a person who transmits a lot of tranquillity to me. I hope you liked it. Goodbye."

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What Jairo's clients said about their one to one sessions 

As a Meditation teacher and being of service to others, I am often aware of my energy levels. Working with Jairo Cadena has helped me replenish my energy levels and remove any blockages, allowing me to move forward freely and in a much more expanded state. Energy work is extremely important for our continual evolution”. Carma, Meditation teacher.

My session with Jairo was incredibly powerful. The emotional connection to the energy around me was so moving and significant for me. I’ve had energetic healing sessions before but this was like nothing I have experienced. I’m looking forward to my next session. 

 “I met Jairo in 2016 when I was starting myself development journey.  The process began within me and it developed with the great support and guidance I received from Jairo and the techniques he applies.
Within 3 years, I gained the  self confidence  pushing my self  to learn to drive at 34 yo and understood how ancestry and cultural believes where affecting me.
I went through a miscarriage but  through this experience I found my passion and how I want to begin exploring this journey.
In summary, I gained self confidence by learning about me and connecting to my inner self. I highly recommend Jairo as a life coach and reconnective healer. Thanks Jairo for your support and beautiful energy.”