Soul Mind Connection 

Holistic Facilitator 

Jairo Cadena 


After surviving a near-death experience in his childhood, Jairo reconnected with his Spiritual Guides, who lead his intuitive healing sessions.

During Jairo’s energy healing sessions, you will be guided to face the root cause of your challenges, allowing you to heal yourself.

Jairo believes that as human beings, we have learnt how to hold on to our emotions, fears and traumas in our Mind and in doing so, we affect:

• our energy body, its vibration and what we attract to our lives • our physical body by creating density (illnesses)
• our connection with our soul (higher self)

Jairo believes that the best learning comes from interacting with the new frequencies and higher energy on a daily basis. He also holds the following certifications: 

• Reconnective Healing Level I/II: The Truths and Frequencies of Healing – Australia
• Reconnective Healing Level III: The Reconnection – Australia
• Advanced Pranic Healing Course – Institute for Inner Studies, Australia
• Pranic Psychotherapy Healing Course – Institute for Inner Studies, Australia
• Reiki I – Usui Shiki Ryoho, Australia
• Acupressure, Meridians and Healing – Natural Care College, Australia
• Angel Intuitive Course – Doreen Virtue, Australia