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Please read about what consist the sessions

One-to-one  session with Jairo 

Energy healing 

Jairo energetically will find your energy blocks and release them.

One-to-one  session with Claudia 

Conscious Awaken 

Claudia will focus on your unconscious mind and gain an intuitive sense of blockages you might have.

Reconnecting the Power of Your Mind

Mind Power

 This consists of five  sessions with Claudia, where she will guide you to get into your deepest memories and old thought patterns that not longer serve you. She will search deeply to find the origin of these blockages and how they were created, and will guide you to release them and reprogram your mind in a positive light. In these sessions it is imperative to do all the homework, which will consist of exercises she will leave you. It is a transformation process and requires discipline and determination.

Quantum Reconnection 

Soul Re-connection

This consist of  five sessions Jairo, where he will re-connect to your inner child and heal your soul with the power of energy. 

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