Soul Mind Connection

Connect your Soul & Mind with the power of
Energy through Love 

Who are we ?

We, Jairo and Claudia, are Energy Intuitive and Transformation Guides,  who founded Soul Mind Connection to empower people in their life journey to heal their emotions and traumas residing in the unconscious mind, by enhancing their intuitive connection and experiencing the power of forgiveness and compassion.

We guide you to heal your past, enjoy your present and manifest your future.

We enjoy mentoring clients to find their inner peace, elevate their self-love energy vibration and improve their lives.  

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Who will benefit ?

Anyone who is prepared to know and accept themselves, and would like to improve their life and connect to their higher consciousness. That includes both adults and children.

We guide people who feel stressed, lonely, overwhelmed, disconnected, unmotivated or anxious.

We also understand that negative feelings manifest in the body, therefore we guide people to find the emotional root cause of physical ailments like eczema, allergies, breathing problems and other health problems to allow them to heal themselves. 

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How do we heal ? 

To support you best, we use a combination of various modalities including hypnotherapy, reconnective healing, intuitive guidance, Reiki, reprogramming and guided meditation.

These techniques have wonderful physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

This holistic approach is not intended to be a substitute for the services of any healthcare professional.    

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Because you are worth it!

If you are ready to heal, the sessions will have life-long benefits. Investing in getting to know yourself on a deep level is the ultimate act of self-care. 

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The Power of Energy Healing 

In 2012, at the end of the Mayan Calendar, the magnetic field of our planet, Gaia, shifted allowing access to new frequencies and higher energies. It was the beginning of the journey of the transformations towards an age of high consciousness and spirituality for humanity.

The power of energy healing allows us to create the space for you to connect with these high frequencies by elevating your vibration and expanding your consciousness, facilitating growth and self-awareness.

The collective consciousness is made of energy – we all are emitting vibrations that create force fields and therefore we are all connected with each other’s frequencies. In our infinite universe, the opportunities for growth, expansion, healing, and empowerment are vast.

Energy healing sessions are a holistic complementary therapy that benefits wellbeing. They are a non-invasive method that helps to clear, repair and balance your energy systems by stimulating the body’s natural healing ability at all levels. In these sessions, the chakras, meridians and other energy centres of the body are recalibrated and reconnected.  

Activating your Connection to your Soul and Mind through Love 

We as Soul Mind Connection believe in the powerful activation of the following triad:

The Soul: The spiritual essence of a Human Being. It is an eternal, multidimensional Soul that is part of everything and the Creator.

The Mind: Where our thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories and beliefs reside. It is the source of our behaviours.

• Love: One of the highest energy vibrations and the purest feeling that leads to compassion and forgiveness.

While connecting with our soul and expressing our thoughts through our heart, our mind will understand that we have moved from the past, breaking down all cycles that hold back our lives and delay our dreams.

We need to be aware that our mind creates our present, and learn from our past experiences with gratitude as the basis of our progress.  

For Testimonials 

You can learn more about how the sessions have benefit our clients by reading their testimonials .